Thursday, December 1, 2011

The lesson learnt from our own industrial revolution at the turn of the last century.

Oh. I have already solved the world's problems. Same old Ruth! We learn from our own Industrial revolution over 100 years ago!

My impressions are limited to meeting young Chinese people while I worked on outsourcing business opportunities. I have participated in more than one manufacturing facility leaving Silicon Valley to China.
The young people from China I met had several concerns in common:

1. The pressure put on "only children" to succeed. Pre-teen suicide is alarmingly high. If a child is not significantly above average, which by definition is over 50% of the children, the young people are at a high risk for depression and suicide.
The thinking has been said to be something like this ----

My parents are only allowed one child. I will be responsible for my parents in old age. I cannot compete. I am a disappointment. If I kill myself my parents can try for another child and the new child would be able to provide for my parents better than me.

2. The increasing demand to care for extended family members.
3. Heighten social life pressure. Networking is key to success.
4. Health care is not readily available.

In my limited exposure to the young people of China, this is my observation.

A 25 year old young competitor is too old to compete. You must make your money in about 5 years to supply for your family for the rest of your life.
Your family consists of yourself, your "only child" wife, your one child, your parents, your wife's parents, and all grandparents still living.

There is so much:
a) competition from over population,

b) fear of government ever changing policies

c) limited business practices with world trade


It is coming common practice to lie, steal and cheat at a global level. It is a true dog eats dog existence for many. And the world has an abundance of opportunists more than willing to "use" these young people. And ADD to these young people's stress. Not a pretty picture. But I have a solution.

A win win win scenario.

The lesson learnt from our own industrial revolution at the turn of the last century. Several things will be played out. Child labor laws, more government laws and regulations, pollution, population moving from country life to centralized cities.

The one thing that motivated many during the last century was advancements in health care and quality of living.

The age expectation in China is 62-64 years of age. I dare say: that would be our expectation of a life without modern science, including pre-natal care, vaccinations, and I personally (as many have) had major surgery to preserve my life.

So if we think more globally and adopt an idea of perseverance; my answer to the fears of the USA is health care. NO NOT OBAMA CARE_____EVIL EVIL

I believe medical care could and should be available to every American, in fact everyone on earth. I have no problem with all having health care if we could assure all would receive the health care afforded by my husband (at a health premium of 1000 dollars a month. A 1000 dollars a month for him and a 1000 a month for me), or someone of Congress. My husband recently needed three years of extensive health care. Recent health care needed for my husband was never halted for pre approvals, out of network doctors, or questions as to what the health insurance would provide. My husband was referred to all the top doctors, treated like everyone should be treated and is now back to full time employment.

Money pours out of the USA at an alarming rate-----my solution---- which is already true up to a point. USA becomes the health facility of the world! We already train a large percentage of the doctors in the world. Our medical research and know how is far advance of most countries. When a top executive needs health care ---many of them come to the USA. Medical equipment, pharmaceutical advancements are of high quality.

As countries drain our economy we can replenish our funds with providing health care. Pump money (i.e. college loans) into medical universities. Foreign countries are sending their kids to our medical universities at the expense of their government and our tax money (foreign student grants and class priorities). We could educate each student to their ability and interest ----- nurses, aides, patient care, doctors, research, medical equipment assembly , chemistry, hospital janitors, landscapers, (some of our hospitals are filthy!!!)
Hospital carpenters, nutritionists etc.

But the foreign citizen must buy into our medical plan-----with strict pre-existing restrictions and pre approval needed------we could use Obama’s plan as a template!!! LOL

Medical equipment could be assembled in other countries to our standards---no lead paint, inferior metals, etc. Let those countries deal with the pollution, waste treatment etc------again to our educated standards.

We can also employee Americans to be the global manufacturing inspectors.
Ergo you want your key personnel their parents, grandparents --- you can pay for their care here in the USA.
We already do this to a point---- Many foreigners bring their parents here for social security and health care.
A person from the Philippines can come to the USA and only work 5 years in our work force to apply for the same benefits I would receive upon retirement. Based on their salary maybe they will receive more than a person who lives, works here their entire life. .
Trained in our schools, on our tax dollar, to work a profession for 5 years, receive professional salaries, (far above salaries of a teacher), to retire in luxury in their country.
Oh well you kind of get the idea------- make USA the high quality medical facility it could be-------with the idea of employing everyone and charging other countries to use our facilities. We will pay back our national debt fast at the rate hospitals charge.

Another plus-----we could open OUR space program again because we would be manufacturing our pure chemicals in a less gravity environment --- eliminating particles per million issues----- and there are also many more advantages allowed through this program

But alas they will not make me QUEEN of the world-----so I sit here with my perfect plan again-----until the men in the white coats come to get me -----so I can join all the other people who have a perfect plan for world peace and domination.