Sunday, October 31, 2010

Thank God in Heaven we were not under the National Health Care Plan and subjected to their rules.

Ok I am going to get in trouble here. But this is a Ruth Truth.

My husband had a quadruple bypass last week.
Thank God in Heaven we were not under the National Health Care Plan and subjected to their rules.

My husband and I pay a lot for health insurance. Because it is a very high priority for us. We chose to budget for very high medical insurance. We have never been referred to another hospital, doctor, or facilities because of our insurance. We are referred to "the best in town" when we need it. We never wait for pre-authorizations, or change our medications because the medicine is not covered by our insurance. The doctors order whatever they want to order, when they want, the doctors are free to try new drugs on Tony and able to provide Tony with equipment in the prototype phases of production.

It is not that I want others to receive "no health care".
The truth is I want everyone to receive the same care as Tony is receiving now. Or in other words "the same care as our President and Congress receive".

It is common knowledge that there is "special blood" for blood transfusions that is donated by doctors. The blood is stored and replaced to be as pristine as possible. Doctors, dignitaries do not get blood transfusions from blood banks.

This distribution of health care reminds me of a school assignment:

There is a school assignment that most children are assigned about junior high level of school. It is one of those assignments that makes you think for a long time.
The assignment is to allow only a portion of patients to receive a life saving medical treatment. I can not think what the treatment was then; heart transplants were not performed yet. Maybe an iron lung? lol
The population of these patients were a pregnant woman, a rich old man willing to buy a new wing for the hospital, an artist, a child, a skill worker providing for a family. etc.
The assignment was to decide who received the medical treatment.

The students were to work in teams, devise a criteria and explain their choices. So first criteria would be which candidate was most likely to survive the operation, be able to provide after care, these two criteria are PRACTICAL. The desire to use the resource in the most PRACTICAL manner. ........but then conversation would start.

The students being 12 or 13 years of age would sympathize with the pregnant woman and the child. All of a sudden the pregnant woman was the most important person to save. So the first criteria gets changed to the ability to save two lives instead of just one life. She is at the top of the list.
Next criteria to trump (likely to survive the operation, be able to provide after care,) is the years left in one's life and the child is moved to the top of the list. These two criteria are based on the belief of HOPE. HOPE for a new life to do good and become the best person possible.

In retrospect ... this is very Biblical. It is written we are to care for the women and children.

But then if we are taking in account of most man/years does it not make sense to save the man with the money for the new hospital wing? That added facilities could save hundreds of lives.

This is getting to be a long blog...... and I want to continue this in my next blog......

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