Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ruth's Calendar--- The Season of HOPE

In my previous blog I stated my New Year starts in September. September is my month to clean, plan, start my year. I used the analogy of planning my garden and planting my bulbs into the ground. I compared the planting of the bulbs, to starting a school semester, to planning your goals for a years worth of accomplishments. So September to Christmas Realization I call the start of my New Year.

My Ruth calendar next moves into the season of HOPE. The new season starts the moment I experience that special touch of GOD during the Christmas season that I once again realize GOD's gift of the baby Jesus. It comes with a special song, a moving film, a Christmas card, a sermon or just a moment while in prayer. Each year I wait for "my gift" of HOPE. My gift of HOPE for a better tomorrow. My gift for a closer walk with God.

One year it came when I sent a Thomas Kinkade flower arrangement to a friend for her birthday in early December and I received a thank you letter telling me how very much it meant to her. I knew it was God that had directed me to send it that year.
This year was no different. God sent me a message of a healed heart. This year He used FACEBOOK. lol

I stated the season began on Christmas Eve because usually on Christmas Eve I have a moment to reflect on my glimpse of HOPE on that night. The birth of Jesus was the gift of HOPE. The gift of promise to salvation. The gift that led to the gift of the Holy Spirit.

So this next season in Ruth's Calendar is the time to reflect on the life of Jesus. The time to reveal in the words of Jesus. The time of preparing the soil, sowing of seeds, pruning back the grape vines, the time of wait, the time of honing our sense of prayer. Whereas we begun our studies in September, now we are embedding our lessons into our souls, our hearts, our minds. Hours spent in the garden gives us time to reflect on Jesus' words. Time to prune back the dead vines. Time to shape our rose bushes/trees.

Time of cold, time to just have faith of the good to come. Rain, rain and more rain. Time of violent Winds, winds tearing down of anything not solid to the ground. Time of revelation. Time for trail. Time to see that which will survive and that which will not be able to survive the harshness of the world.

The ocean beats against the shore, breaking, changing the earths surface.

Then March --- we start to see the new growth!! by the end of March -- flowers, including volunteer flowers. Rainbows, kites, the slow awakening of the earth from it's sleep. Baby animals, green hills, creeks full of water running down the hills.

This season started with the gift of HOPE, ends on Easter Sunday.
The Season of Hope is from Christmas to Easter.
Easter Sunday when we celebrate our fruition of salvation. Where there was HOPE now there is fulfillment. We now have the tools, opportunity, the abilities to "see forever".

On a Clear Day --You Can See Forever!

Our preparation, our planning, our believing, our faith, our honing of our prayers and Bible study now pays off!! Kids graduate! Gardens Bloom, Interest groups emerge with demonstrations of achievement, county fair admissions emerge, art, woodwork, sewing projects manifested during these cold days are revealed, Jesus Rises, The whole world celebrates.

The Season of HOPE is complete on Easter Sunday, we move to the Season of Fulfillment. God's promise is fulfilled with Jesus ascending from the tomb. And we are given the GIFT of enlightenment, guidance, protection of the Holy Spirit. We have moved another cycle up the spiral of spiritual enlightenment. We now see what brought fruit and that which did not bring fruit. Another lesson learned. Another year to observe, to grow, to learn.

So Today's date per Ruth's Calendar is The day 9,Season of Hope,year 60

Next blog: the Season of Fulfillment per Ruth's calendar.

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