Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 31, 2011 Dad is in the hospital---- written last year ---- I am reliving every minute of last year all over again,

I rushed to San Jose Ca yesterday because my sister informed me, my dad was having problems breathing. Dad had been in the hospital since Sunday and on Wednesday he was feeling worse. My dad's wife Yoly is in Europe so it was up to my sister and I to assure her we were taking care of him.
Luckily the medicines seem to be taking effect and dad was able to breath in a sitting position for short periods of time. His voice was also stronger and he was able to converse quite well.
Which brings me to the reason I needed to blog today. My dad comes from a different era when men settled their differences in a more direct and finalizing way.
Dad was explaining to us about this cantankerous roommate he had the first few days he was in the hospital, this patient was constantly complaining, not cooperating, etc. Dad said finally his wife told him if he did not stop it, she would go home and not answer the phone. The man kept calling his wife and she refused to answer. Finally they disabled his phone and told him the technician would need to fix his phone.
The man had a broken hip, was quite disoriented, and could not remember where he was or what day it was. and complained none stop.
My dad told the nurses the third time the man fell out of his bed and cussed the nurses out to call security and let security handle him.
Well as dad tells us this tell of his roommate we can not figure out the end of the story.
But then dad told us the end of the problem; soon when dad was left alone in the room with the man and the man started yelling, dad spoke up. and in my dad's stern voice he said "Man, I am sick and trying to get some rest over here. I have been listening to you for two days. Now lay there and keep your mouth shut. If you do not, I will get out of this bed and beat the shit out of you. I know some martial arts that will allow me to hurt you with very little effort on my part."
The man was quiet. but the next time a nurse came in. the man complained that dad threatened him. The nurse came over to dad and said,"Mr Hayley, did you threaten this man?" Dad answered "no" Dad explained to us it was not a lie because it was not a threat ---it was a promise. Dad asked the nurse --- "Did you hear me threaten him" the answer from her was "no" ---- Dad shrugged his shoulders and said "I guess I did not threaten him then. Besides it has been recorded this man has not been in his right mind for several days now" The nurse smiled and walked away. No more noise from that man until they removed him from my dad's room.

and there you have it----- another example of Wild Bill Hayley's justice and coping skills. So I am happy to report the antibiotics are kicking in and dad although very weak is getting better.

He is on predizone and steriods that has brought on a very high blood sugar situation. He still needs to be bedrest but it is workable. Dad hates the thought of being bedridden but I have brought my recorder and will be gathering family history stories. Yes, I am ruthless about genealogy.

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