Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Walking Someone to the Pearly Gates.......

Wow! What an honor when God, family and friends, and the loved one involved allows you to walk someone to the Pearly gates. It can be an honor or a horror. To be able to say I love you, I ask forgiveness for anything I did that offended you, I forgive you for anything you did or did not do that offended me, have a peaceful and well deserved sleep in God's hands and until we meet again, I will miss you.

I have had the honor of walking people up to the Pearly Gates. It can and should be a beautiful, healing, loving, spiritual experience.
Going with the Peace and Love of Knowing you have a Wonderful Merciful Grace giving God has been key to many people's experiences of accepting one's life and being able to go in Peace ---- RIP. No matter the faith that peaceful understanding that one did serve a purpose in life and is loved is so important. Tony's sisters had not received communion for several years in their lives. They thought they were "unworthy" "unforgiven" not deserving of God's Grace and Mercy. Having been raised in a very devout Catholic home we knew this bothered them.

Each sister, in her turn, allowed the family to bring in a Priest to deliver communion on a regular basis. The priest would reassure Tony's sisters that they were indeed loved, cherished and God's child. In each woman; I saw a change in their contenence. My Mother had a simiular experience of coming to grips with her life. Mother also found Peace.

Finding the PEACE. My Aunt Doris is spending time with my father in prayer. My Aunt Doris loves and understands the religion as taught by their mother. Dad can feel the love and acceptance of a truly loving God as Aunt Doris prays with him. My Dad needs and deserves more time with Aunt Doris.

Yes, all religions are good, but in death, the religion of your childhood is what you need and deserve. I dare say, although there could be some comfort, someone other than a priest could not have brought Tony's sisters the Peace. As no one that does not understand the Conventional Hell and Stones Religion could bring the Peace and Understanding that Dad finds so comforting.

The "I Love You".
Ut Oh --- A Ruth Truth ---- We are only 33333% good and 666% bad. and that other .0000000001 is a powerful Holy Spirit and only as powerful as you make it. When you embrace Bible Study the way I do, you hear and read many messages received their the Bible. And somewhere and somehow I interrupted the evil 666 number as 66.666%. So for now that is my hypothesis until or unless I learn more. It works like this. You mind, soul, body is always 666.66% involved with desires of the "flesh". Whereas only 33.33% desires the spiritual path. So:

in a group of 999 people, only 333 are engaged, the other 666 people are not engaged.

Your "luck" is 66% negative and 33% good.

Your family and friends are 66.6% against you and only 33.3% "gets you".

Out of 365 days in a year ---- you can call your marriage successful if 123 of those days you husband and you remembered to show each other true appreciative love! That is 2-3 times a week! But that is the norm--- to make a better marriage we would need to work/honor to make it more than 123 days.

Your desires, if left alone, on this earth is 66% satisfing the flesh and 33% the Spirit.

Therefore we are smart to develope the 33% of our lives. Hang around the 33% of people that "gets you". Develope and feed the 33% of your works that honors and feeds your Sprit.

There is an Indian tale about the fact that there are two wolves that live inside a person. The wolves fight all the time. This causes you mind, body and soul to be at unrest all the time. Headaches, upset stomach, aches and pains. The Indian tale continues to explain that one wolfe loves you and wants you to succeed and be kind and prosperous. Whereas the other wolf can never have enough, is constantly wanting more, wastes what he does have, always grabbing and destroying things, people and places. This battle continues always -- within your mind, soul and body. To encourage a wolfe to do better in battle--- it is important to feed the wolf you want to win and starve the other wolf.

Feed the people and things that keep you on the narrow path. Ignore, avoid the people and things that constantly takes you off your path. If you have ever been in battle for the soul of a teenager; sometimes you can really experience the 66% angry, ravishing wolf, while trying to feed the 33% wolf to make it stronger.

Which brings me back to walking one to Pearly Gates.
Honor cherish the 33% of good times, nice memories

The 3.3 years out of a 10 year relationship that enriched and brought happiness to your life.
....... because the 66% will and does take people off their path to peace, love, understanding and forgiveness. You loved and engaged with me 33% of your time, energy and being, 33% of the time you took care of yourself and 33% of your time was spent with family/friends/earthly things. I am going to resent you for not giving me more than 33% of you. But if you did not nuture yourself, family, friends, interest and spiritual life ---- I am not going to have my own time to nuture myself and bring a healthy relationship to us.

FORGIVNESSHolding a secret since childhood does you nor anyone else any good if you throw it in a person's face on their death bed. In psychology that is called "Hit and Run".

Wow wow Hit and Runs are seemingly very satisifing to the accuser. They get to be the "only witness of the event", they get to place blame whereever they want to, they get to set up the jury of right and wrong, they get to be the judge and set punishment, and they get to be the jail warden!!!

When dealing with big ugly secrets the mature attitude is to bring light to the issue so it can be washed and cleaned away.

The Healing

Wow Forgivness Big word, big concept. There are many people who have wrote books, studied this subject because FORGIVNESS is a very personal and difficult subject but for me the Ruth's Truths regarding FORGIVNESS starts something like this:

Before you can forgive anyone --- you must learn to forgive yourself first!

You have to accept that part of yourself that is blind, stubborn and ignorant to your own "FLESH" AND NOT SPIRIT.

You must acknowdledge the other person as blind, stubborn and ignorant to their own "FLESH".

You have to be willing to let go of the wound. People that cut themselves want the attention and distraction the wound will cause. They are hurt and want people to know they are hurt. Their preception is; I am hurt and because I have no open wounds, you do not realize I am wounded. So I will cut myself, I will irritate the wound to keep it open and when it begins to heal I will add salt to the wound to irritate it more. LOOK AT ME I AM HURT I am blind, stubborn and ignorant as to how to heal myself.

You have to desire a healing for yourself for this pain, injury, damage. But if the
pain, injury, damage is serving a purpose in your life --- you may not want to release the wound/the forgivness/the pain.

Ways unforgivness of others can serve you (and the flesh)include but are not limited to:
I was abused so I can not function,
I accept that no one cares about my injury so therefore I can be a failure,
I have nothing to give because I am disabled by my injury,
my life is not my fault---it is theirs,
I need to remind that person and everyone else because I do not feel that person has been punished enough for their transgression against me.

Ways unforgivness of yourself can serve your flesh:
I am unworthy
I have no self control
I am powerless to change
No one cares anyway.

Ways FORGIVENESS could enrich your life;
I love myself enough to pick myself up and try again
I can express myself with honesty and compassion
I can connect with myself and others to learn and become a better person
I can mature and grow up
I can take charge of my life and not be a victim.
I can help others heal from pain, injury, damage
I can ask for forgiveness
I can forgive others
I am a part of this world that is healing the pain, injury, damage

and until we meet again, I will miss you

You have been a BIG piece of my life rather for several years or just a short time.

You "got me".

I will be thinking and remembering the "good times" with love and affection.

Thank you.

I heard the wisdom you gave me at times and I will remember.

I will talk about you and sometimes I will talk to you.

Sometimes I will forget I will not be able to pick up a phone and talk to you.

I will want you to be there with me when I must face more challenges in life.

I will keep my eyes on the stars.

I will be good because I want to see you in heaven-----save me some "dutch quarters".

I wish we could talk more ----- listen---- because I will be talking to you.

Thank you.

I love you
I forgive you
I ask for forgiveness
I will miss you

I wish you PEACE and REST

My niece facebooked the other day "I am from a dysfunctional family but I would not like to be in any other family"

I disagree. I wish we could honor, love, cherish, forgive and respect each other. I honor, love, cherish, forgive and respect all of you.


  1. Ruth, Your in our hearts and prayers as is the family. Your statements are well said and understood. Blessings to you all.

  2. I am going to print this and give it to my granddaughter who is having serious problems. I hope it will bring her to a better understanding of her life.You were inspired when you wrote it.

  3. Wow Shirley! This was not a moment in time but a progression of living a life. We are given a life and lessons to learn. This Ruth Truths and Ruthisms are my lessons and thoughts. If I helped someone ---- I feel very blessed.