Thursday, January 19, 2012

While scanning photos----- a photo from my wedding

I know my father loved me very much but he had a "truck drivers sense of humor".

My niece was about 10 years old when I married Tony. Lori Lynn at the age of 10 years old attended my wedding rehearsal. Her father, my brother, stood up with Tony at the wedding and her mother was hostess of the wedding.

Lori Lynn was young but already knew what she expected to happen at a wedding.

Lori talks today about how confused she became at my wedding rehearsal the night before the wedding.

Tony was not my first husband. And my father never could miss an opportunity to crack a joke,

During the rehearsal my father thought it would be funny to say ------ When asked ---"Who gives this woman away?" My father replied "I do........and this time keep her"

I might add here also my father provided my husband with a sympathy card at the wedding reception. Something about I know the next few years will be very difficult and you have my sympathy and Yes my father thought of himself as very funny indeed.

While scanning photos----- a photo from my wedding

Luckily my father behaved himself during the actual wedding and replied with a correct---"her mother and I do"

Looking at this photo so many years later--- I either had on very tall high heels or the camera was at a strange angle because I did not tower over my father in height.

My father was about 5'10" and I am about 5' 5"

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