Thursday, April 19, 2012

Letting Go and Letting God 2012

Easter has passed. And being an "older person" now. I have kind of started some rituals that help me deal with life. I have set up a yearly plan that works for me. It is where September starts my year. Planting bulbs, starting new classes etc.
Well Easter is the end of one of my seasons. And the beginning of my Season of Manifestation

In short, we have a prayer box. On Easter we review our prayer requests. For every request granted we thank God and give Him the Glory. For every request with a "not yet" or "no" answer we give back to God.

Before I looked at my box this year I was rather down heartened. I felt I would have 2 dozen things to Let GO!! But the "analytical" in me was so blessed. Wow wow wow There were an abundance of PRAYERS ANSWERED!!! Tough ones also!! It was nice to review those issues and reflect on how God had the better PLAN. and how truly BLESSED I am.

Bottom line ---- only 8 out of 24 needed to be given back to GOD!!! As I was preparing my letters to each prayer request it occurred to me that they felt like failures to me. They are like the fly ball that I missed! To this day I can remember playing softball and a fly ball coming to me. And for some unknown reason ---- I ducked!! ugh!!! the humiliation!! It was not a hard ball, it was not going to hurt, it was right in front of me---and I ducked. WHY???

That failure haunted me for days. and while tying my notes to the balloons I thought how these 8 items felt like "my failures". My missed balls, my strike outs, my falling down in public. But then I realized just as I realized then ------ I need to just pick myself up again and try harder.

Sure there were some jerks that tried to bring my "missed fly ball up in conversation" or liked to reminisce about it with their friends. But soon their constant attempts to try to define me or put me down to make them feel better about themselves just got pitiful and ridiculous. Because honestly I got over it and accomplished so much more since then.

So with the aspirations to just "get over it" and go on to my purpose in life. I released my unfulfilled dreams, hopes, relationships to GOD. So I released 8 things to GOD. That is not to say those same things will not try to take a stronghold on me again. and they may end up as unanswered prayer again this year. But that is okay. 66% success rate on the impossible is pretty good!!!!!

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  1. Wow!! I love this idea. Thanks for sharing such a personal story.