Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ruth Truths and Ruthisms

I have started yet another bolg. Over the years, I have made many mistakes, some sucesses, and been blessed with numerous mentors. I have gained wisdom in what I call Ruth Truths and Ruthisms. Sources for these Ruth Truths, Ruthisms, and Ruth Thoughts come from Bible Study groups, being a daughter, being a wife, being a mother, being a grandmother, being a grandchild, Gardening, Gold Mining, Sports (participating, organizing, spectating), Volunteering (at church, at schools, in interest groups), Community Politics Involvement, Child Rearing, Corporate World, Friends and Friends Experiences.

Oh and I guess some from attending and participating in higher level education classes. Which brings me to my first Ruth Truth. Attending and Participating in an educational class, sports organization, event, family/friend gathering are very different experiences, with very special skills to hone in as you practice more and more.

Ruth Truth Number 1----Attending, Participating, Organizing, and Developing events (events meaning anything, from a walk in the park to life-changing activities) are all skills to be practiced and improved upon.

Another Ruth Truth: a walk in a park can and does sometimes out weighs the preceived life changing event itself. An example of this would be a walk in the park as I strolled and came to the realization that I KNEW I wanted to marry my husband versus the actual wedding.

Ruth Truth Number 2----Learning never stops.

Ruth Truth Number 3----You are never as good the first time doing something as you will be as you practice more. Many times I will see a craft, heard a lecture, attended an activity and will state "Oh, I can do that!!" The more skilled, more prepared the person in presenting this skill equals the more likely you will do a poor job. Unfortunately you may not even realize you did a poor job ever.


  1. It will be a pleasure to read something not relating to genealogy! Very nice Ruth. Congratulations on another blog, just when do you get the time?

  2. Really cool Ruth, It brings many questions or comments. BTW, I heard your writing a book about NASCAR. You do know that Barbara and I are both big NASCAR people, fan wise. I heard Fontana may loose one of the race dates this next year, due to lower attendance.

  3. Car racing is a part of my Family History, I am finding writting about the races and my families participation in auto racing to be good family attention bait. One nephew already printed and framed my blog on Wild Bill.

    Interesting oberservation I had the other day -- someone mentioned my write ups on this subject as "excellent work on family history". So I reflected what could be the difference between genealogy and family history?