Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ruth's TRUTH : The difference between Family History and Genealogy

In this blog I will explain what I surmised to be the difference in family history and genealogy. This definitions come from the words themselves. Geneaolgy; "Gene" and study of; "ology". Therefore this is the study of genetics, ergo the charts being labeled as "pedigree charts". More the DNA composition of a person that makes you uniquely you--- in genetics.

Then the "family history" the word "Family" and the word hi "STORY". George Geder recently observed that he had difficulties with genealogy software explaining "family histories", Multiple marriages, step brothers and sisters, same sex marriages etc. There are also those numerous GOD parents, and "Aunts" and "Uncles" who were just close friends and at every holiday gathering. And of course our beloved pets, houses we lived in, influential and essential teachers and church families who again made us uniquely us --- environmentally.

Car racing is a part of my Family History, I am finding writting about the races and my families participation in auto racing to be good family attention bait. One nephew already printed and framed my blog on Wild Bill.

Interesting observation -- someone mentioned my write ups on this subject as "excellent work on family history". So I reflected what could be the difference between genealogy and family history?

And this what I concluded (for the time being, until I change my mind.

Family History is stories of your family. Genealogy follows the "genes" of that family. Therefore whereas Car Racing can and is catagorized a "Family History" the fact that my father's IRISH gene of being a little (cough cough) hard headed and contrite is the Genealogy of the sharing of these "WILD BILL" newspaper clippings.

Just my Ruth thoughts, Ruth

BTW: I am repeating this blog in my GRWM blogspot

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