Monday, August 30, 2010

True Story written August 30, 2010

I am delirious with genealogical finds including newly found family photos, family letters, stories to transcribe etc.

Last month's combination genealogy, family visit trip extended from 3-4 days to about 3 weeks. I went to San Jose to visit family and research the Martin Luther King Jr. Library next to SJSU, then to the Santa Clara Library on Homestead Road. I copied newspaper article after newspaper article, I met an author writing a series of books on Auto racing in San Jose, California. I plan to collaborate with him on his next book. I am gathering photos and stories regarding my father's days in auto racing. A very productive trip with bunches and bunches of data.

But I no sooner arrived home but Now I am compiling new data, surnames, dates, locations ready for yet another genealogical research trip, These tasks were proving to be overwhelming as more and more contacts and data started flowing into my emails and phone calls.

Yikes! I started making piles in different corners of my spare bedroom. My spare room started to get to overflowing. I was contacted about a person needing a place to stay and work. So I hired this genealogical interested person for 3-4 hours clerical work a day. I worked a full 10 hour day sorting and packing photos and data. Changing and laundering the bed, dust, vacuum, sanitize the spare bathroom. I was so ready to get down to a wonderful full week of devoted genealogy work.

I had my prioritises. First, send photos to a publisher I am collaborating with for the San Jose Auto Racing History. Then get corrected transcript for a second book and sent to the publisher.
Next prepare for my 22 day genealogy trip through Kansas, Tenn, Missouri. Compile all data in nice indexed binder for series of cities and contact people I will visit starting Sept 9.

My new clerk and I tried a few tasks. According to my new clerk, Scanning was too boring, phone calling became confusing, filing was just too much data to be done. So after 2 days the clerk asked "How did you get so far behind?"

I explained I had been on a long trip and was planning another long trip. I also explained I spent two days sorting through photos for scanning, boxing data, and preparing a room for their stay at my home.

Then the hired clerk said "This is a lot of work".

......and because I was really interested I asked --- "Well, What do you suggest I do?"

and I kid you not!! She said "Hire a clerk to help you." huh? I answered, "I did --- I hired you."

She then explained she was leaving, very busy and had lots of things to do.

What now? Here I want to post photo of my living room!!!! Tomorrow I will laundry spare room, sanitize bathroom, cry, try to scan photos needed for book collaboration, gather and file illustrations for second book. put mom's book on hold, start my indexed binder for my trip, stress through my actual life paying job , decide which Bible studies, Genealogy meetings I will skip, pray Tony will go on a fast (so I can skip daily cooking, cleaning routines)to eliminate some of my housework. But alas! Tony is fond of three meals a day......

Today I called my dad to get some data for my genealogy and all of a sudden I just started crying. It was a stress reliever for me. But I felt so bad to put that on my dad. and that my friends was my Ruth Truth day on August 30, 2010.

I waited until Oct 4, 2010 to post this blog. I did skip some Bible studies and genealogy meetings, I did have troubles with vertigo for a few days, Tony did cook and clean up after all our meals for the rest of the week.

No, I did not get the photos sent for the Auto Racing Book. No, I did not get the book transcripts sent. Yes, I traveled with only a portion of the data I needed.

But today is a new month, and I will prioritize and start again. ahhhhhhhhhh

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