Monday, May 30, 2011

Sometimes KNOWING is not enough--

Sometimes KNOWING is not enough-- when do you tell people the emperor has no clothes on and when do you just not speak?

Because sometimes I tell people the emperor has no clothes on and instead of being open to understanding what I am saying --- I am met with violent reactions including " she is just difficult to work with" she "is confused" and we need just ignore her.

I consider myself a student of life. I am constantly trying to understand this world around me. But I also sometimes speak out about "ignorance" being presented as fact. This has served me well in work. Sometimes people not educated in the subject would "guess" at an answer to a problem. Those not educated in the discipline would decide based on any numbers of opinions (not research)if they would accept the premise or not.

RESEARCH yes, before we go further, you can find research information to justify any position on any subject. But I am talking about exhaustive research with credible sources.

This reminds me if a discussion I had with my then 15 year old grandson. He was educating me on the wisdom of Marilyn Manson. My first reaction was "No more!!" but this particular day I actually had some patience. So I really listened to this rational of Marilyn Manson. My grandson began with how it was "the free thinkers" against the police, schools, and anyone in authority.

His rational was based on a death occurring in an IHOP parking lot. A so-called clean cut looking kid was driving wreck less and killed a "Gothic looking teen". The driver never spent time in jail for this death was the report.

So I challenged my grandson to find the date and time and research the case. I explained to him that court records would be available. The reasoning and results of the judges decision would be a public record. I imagined a wonderful learning experience to pursue. I could teach my grandson a new avenue of Internet use, we could write to and obtain court papers. A real first step to learning to investigative research. We could find other so called "quotes" and read further learning to understand deductive reasoning.

Although I had visions of real teaching and wonderful constructive interchange of ideas, I was met with Grandma has a closed mind. Grandma just hates Marilyn Mason and Grandma is part of that "them" against all "free thinkers". (sigh)

So because I am such a "Pollyanna" about education--- I started to research the Marilyn Manson quotes and examples myself. My grandson felt this was disrespectful and "evil" on my part to try to "belittle" all free thinkers of the world!! (sigh)

I use "Pollyanna" in the true understanding of the word. I am such a rose-colored glass, naive, very foolish Pollyanna that I set myself up for ridicule and judgement all the time.

So I document my thoughts and invite those who choose to "debate" my thinking. So we can both learn and gain in knowledge. Or just speak my truth and leave it to those to interrupt at their level of interest. Like my then 15 year old grandson, I find not everyone has that investigative mind and desire to exchange ideas.

I have known my own grown children have truly opened my eyes to different ways of looking at things. They have very valid information. But usually those ideas are presented in a HIT and RUN scenario. Mom, I am so mad at you that you are ignoring this "truth" and so I am leaving. SLAM the door shuts. Sometimes the concept is so new to me, it truly takes me a bit of time to process. I have to remember my children were raised in a different 1980's world than my own 1950's childhood.
So a Ruth Truth: I adopted a while back. Speak up -- go on record --- document --- and let go.
So like the naive child of the emperor's new clothes ---- It is okay to speak your truth; encourage and invite discussion regarding your truth ---- honor those willing to explore ideas with you and be willing to be proven wrong and change your mind.

Who knows maybe Marilyn Mason was revealing a real "cover up" story.

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